Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the voluntary initiatives taken by an organization to ensure that its corporate practices involve actions that promote the social, economic, environmental welfare beyond the minimum requirement by law.

CanaGulf and its sister companies’ implementation of initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility involves offering training services as well as advisory services to its client on matters relating environmental issues, health, and safety, among others. Some of these initiatives are achieved through partnership with other organizations. The services provided by the organization through its partnerships with other organizations include enabling its clients to gain advanced knowledge and skills on using a compressive approach to developing successful corporate social responsibility strategies. Some of the major areas of focus include ensuring its clients engage in safe environmental practices, fair operating practices, human rights, good labor practices, society development as well as effective organization governance.

The objectives of organization’s activities in the area of corporate social responsibility include ensuring that its clients adopt practices that would prevent environmental pollution and preservation and restoration of ecosystems for future generations. It also aims at ensuring that its clients promote transparent and ethical practices which include the respect for intellectual and property rights among others. The advisory and education services provided by CanaGulf International Standardization together with its partners also ensure that its clients provides accurate information to the consumers, quality and safe products as well as protecting the privacy of the consumer. The organization also provides advisory and training services to its clients on issues regarding occupation health and safety for its employees as well as the importance of providing good working environments to the employees. Through the services of CanaGulf International Standardization, companies can uphold the rights of the employees including their political environmental as well as their fundamental labor rights.

NGO Quality Assurance and Capacity Building

Our sister NGO, CIAD, focused on establishing the quality assurance system for local NGOs and prepare them to obtain a recognized NGO certification by International Organizations and donors. This training was conducted as a form of knowledge share.


University Project on Renewable Energy

A COOP was formed between master students at the University of Toronto and CanaTurk organization to conduct research and apply their learnings of Renewal Energy projects to engineers at the refugee camp, in order to promote sustainable and economical products. This was project was centered on sustainable development and was successful in helping the camp implement solar panels and provide renewable electricity to people in need.


62 Laptop Donation with DYP Education Program

As part of CanaGulf’s responsibility towards the community, its sister company, CanaTurk partnered with Deloitte UAE to educate those deprived from this basic right.

Deloitte UAE has generously donated 62 laptops to CanaTurk Academic & Development Center in Turkey to support the Syrian youth of both Sankari and UFUK centers in Gaziantep. All these laptops come with an already installed Digital Youth Program software that will help the young Syrian orphan kids of tomorrow build the futures they deserve. The caretakers of these centers were carefully trained on the software as part of the program, and will use their current expertise as a knowledge share to teach kids of all ages, and of different centers, on the program.

The DYP’s mission is to help children master the basics of reading, science, personal health, math, technology and foreign languages by providing Deloitte computers and access to quality online best-in-class courseware that can support and reinforce these essential skills and bridge the digital divide for children in the Middle East with limited or no access to such resources.


Women Empowerment for Sustainable Development

CanaTurk’s Sew for Syria project involved setting up a 3-day intensive sewing workshop at the UFUK Family Center in Gaziantep, Turkey. CanaTurk recruited 8 ladies and 1 gentleman as volunteers and set up the sewing workshop, on the borders of Turkey, one of the most active cities in regards to developing aid, support and research on the Syrian Crisis, a 5 year ongoing catastrophe, which has forced more than half of its 22 million population to be internally and externally displaced.

With 6 sewing experts on the team, and 3 coordinators and translators, a 3-day intensive sewing training program was created at the UFUK orphanage center in hopes of providing 26 widowed mothers and 4 teenage girls with the necessary tools and expertise to empower themselves.