Blockchain Management System

Blockchain System Certification

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) is working on a series of blockchain and DLT standards ISO/TC 307. This week the ISO published a business plan which says the first standards will be released no later than 2021. While it’s enormously time-consuming to develop standards, 3.5 years from now is generations in blockchain years.

The ISO plans to develop a terminology standard no later than 2020. However, some of the most critical aspects don’t yet have timeframes, because the requirements need further definition. These include security, privacy, identity, and interoperability.

  • Terminology and concepts (2020)
  • Overview of privacy and personally identifiable information protection (no date)
  • Security risks and vulnerabilities (no date)
  • Overview of identity (no date)
  • Reference architecture (2021)
  • Taxonomy and Ontology (unclear)
  • Legally binding smart contracts (2021)
  • Overview of and interactions between smart contracts in blockchain and DLT systems (no date)