NGO Certifications & Capacity Building

NGO Certifications & Capacity Building

The ultimate goal of the NGO Certification is to turn local NGO to be at International level which will help to have direct funding from donors and create trust and transparency between them.

This program is innovative in that it builds on a framework and methodology to lend credence to local and NGOs. The capacity development and audit aims to increase donor confidence in the certified NGOs and provide them with feedback to increase their organizations performance. This program has the potential to impact dozens of local NGOs and can be duplicated worldwide.

Objectives and deliverables:

  • ISO 9001 Quality management certification
  • ISO 26000 social responsibility compliance standards
  • Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) compliance standard
  • PMD certificates

The training and auditing process will be documented through:

  • Audit Report
  • OCD report

Audit Report – Results are validated at the closing meeting with the audited organization and then presented in an audit report, which contains:

  • Detailed scores for each perspective
  • Identification of strengths and improvement opportunities
  • Recommendations towards corrective and preventive actions